Installing Our Toad’s Braking System – RV Texas Y’all

Originally Published on YouTube by RV Texas Y'all

We've been looking at braking systems for our tow vehicle for a few years now. Even though our Jeep is light enough to tow behind our motorhome without a braking system in Texas, each state has different requirements. Plus, it's always safer to have more braking power when you really need it.

We learned about M&G Engineering from another motorhome owner, and were excited to learn more about a tow vehicle braking system that was made in Texas! After researching more about M&G's system and speaking with their General Manager, Monty, we were confident that this was the right system for us.

Since we were already scheduled to be in Athens, Texas for our Basic RV Maintenance course at the National RV Training Academy, we adjusted our reservations to arrive in Athens a couple of days early so we could get our new tow braking system installed at M&G.

We were really impressed by their system, the history of the company, the people there and the work that they do. We now have a lifetime warranty on a tow braking system that was 100% made in Athens TX!

We are not affiliates for M&G. We just really like the product and the people. To learn more about M&G Engineering and their tow car braking systems, check out their website: .

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