M&G Breakaway Kit

Provides Automatic Braking action in your towed vehicle if it unexpectedly detaches from your RV while traveling.

We sell and install an optional kit designed to provide automatic braking action in your towed vehicle should your towed vehicle unexpectedly detach from your RV while traveling. We highly recommend this additional safety product to lessen the possible damage to your towed vehicle and to reduce harm to those near the detached vehicle. This kit works only with our braking system.

M&G Breakaway System

The M&G Breakaway System consists of three basic parts. (A) small air tank measuring 2” in diameter X 8” long, (B) diverter valve, and (C) trip switch. All of these items will be located on the towed vehicle.

The air tank is pressurized by applying the RV brakes fully, for two seconds. This should be done before each days travel. In the event the towed vehicle should become detached from the coach, a small wire cable cord attached to the rear of the coach, closes the trip switch. It, in turn, activates the control valve which allows the air pressure from the small air tank to flow to the air cylinder, and applies the brakes on the towed vehicle. (Note: this system meets, and exceeds all known laws or regulations. This system is applicable only with the M&G Car Braking Systems.)


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