Frequent Questions

Answers to the most common questions we hear...

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to CONTACT US directly.

Some towed vehicles are not compatible. There must be space available to install the air cylinder between the master cylinder and vacuum booster. Check the towed vehicle compatibility list (see menu on left) for your vehicle. If the vehicle is not listed, please call for compatibility.

The brake system will not affect the warranty on the towed vehicle. The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act protects the warranty. M&G Brake will cover any warranty issue for the brake system if it is proven that the M&G brake system caused the problem. The coach brake system will not be affected by properly installing the M&G brake system.

Air will only be present or leak while the coach brake pedal is applied. The 1/4" OD air line will not loose enough air pressure to affect the brakes on coach. The compressor puts in much more air than what is lost.

Connect the air line between coach and towed vehicle. One person in towed vehicle hold pressure on brake pedal until you feel resistance. Another person step on brake in coach with air pressure fully charged. The pedal in the towed vehicle will move in conjunction with brakes on coach. The towed vehicle pedal will not move without pressure applied with foot. Or apply brakes in coach, and try to reverse towed vehicle.

Charge small air tank with air, pull plug from trip switch, place vehicle in neutral, and try to push vehicle.

Any state that has a brake system law, will have a breakaway law also. Please check the states you are traveling through, not just your home state. Ignorance is not an excuse.

No, the towed vehicle ABS system will not be energized to activate. The coach ABS will not be affected.

Each towed vehicle is different. Most late model towed vehicles are difficult to install on first time basis. We recommend using a qualified dealer for install.

M&G does attend International FMCA rallies for sales and professional installation. Or a reasonably qualified mechanic can install. Instructions come with all brake systems.

Yes, please call for ordering. If a listed dealer is installing the brake system, please order from the dealer. All prices for M&G brake system will be the same as listed. Labor prices vary from location to location.